The Year of No Clients Q2

I need to level up

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The most important part of the promise I made to myself at the beginning of this year was not only to spend more time on projects I enjoy but also to figure out how to make money doing so. Now, I'm already at the end of Q2 and I’ve barely pushed the needle the way I want to.

To be fair, after the last project crashed and burned (I’m exaggerating), I decided to shift gears away from revenue and more towards marketing but I still don’t feel any more confident in my marketing skills than I did last year. So what am I doing wrong? 

I need to get out of my own way.

I’d like to believe I’m a hard worker; especially when it’s something I deeply care about. But I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’m the biggest procrastinator when it’s comes to doing things I’m not good at, things I can’t control or things for which I can’t predict the outcome. For example, I can’t control press. I can’t make someone write about my projects so I take forever to send emails to even start the conversation. I can’t draw or come up with cool illustrative graphics for social media so I decide not to do them at all and since I can’t predict if they’ll even work, I don’t ask anyone else to do them either.

Let me be clear, the examples I’ve given above are all excuses. Reasons I’ve let myself believe and therefore warrant procrastination. The problem is, I don’t know how to beat this bad habit out of me. I don’t know how to get out of my own way. There are moments when I get a little push to just try and so I do, but I know it’s not enough so it reaps no results and I’m back to my way of thinking. I know what I have to do, I’m just too chicken sh*t to shut up and do it. 

I need to believe in my marketing plan.

For the first time, I created an in-depth marketing plan that I was proud of; or at least I thought I was. It also wasn’t as well-rounded as I had hoped since it only had SEM, SEO and social media tactics but either way, once I got past SEM it was clear I didn’t truly believe in my own plan. I either didn’t execute on one of the ideas or simply discredited it before giving it a chance. While I can’t say the plan was foolproof to begin with, I should’ve at least gave every idea a shot before going back to the drawing board or giving up since I had no reason to do otherwise. 

I need to level up.

Have you ever felt like life was going pretty well but there was a whole new level you have yet to tap into; to reach? That’s how I feel. I’m very happy with all I’ve accomplished over the past few years (I just won a Webby!!), but now I’m ready to take it to the next level. I’m not sure what that means or what it entails but I’m ready for it. The question is, how? While I don’t have the answer to that question, I do know one thing: 

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. ~ Tony Robbins

And from what I've mentioned above, it's clear that I need to start doing things differently for anything different to happen.

While this update may come across as a downer, in reality I’ve been very introspective over the past 3 months. I may not have made as much progress as I’d have liked to but now that I know what’s holding me back I can work on fixing it.

What progress have you made towards your 2017 goals? Let’s keep each other accountable.

Do it with passion, or not at all.
~ Kim Goulbourne, aka Bourn

CommentsWhat progress have you made towards your 2017 goals?

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