Should I Work or Work Out?


Since most of my days are spent working on a project, I have no time to work out. Let me rephrase. When I work out I get extremely tired (clearly I'm doing something wrong right?) and so I prefer to work out at night and then go straight to bed. I also only do this once a week since I know I won't be able to squeeze in work when I'm tired. 

While my once a week workout schedule seems ridiculous to some people, it works for me. The problem was, I thought with that schedule I could also eat whatever I want. I'm a big advocate of not having to restrain yourself when it comes to food but still, everything in moderation. To some, I'm a tiny person who can put away anything easily and not gain any weight. When I look in the mirror however, that's not what I see so I decided I try something new. If I’m going to work out only once per week, then I should pay a little more attention to what I'm eating to keep off the pounds that are covering the killer abs I'm trying to get. 

Enter the "Low Carb" diet

"A low-carb diet limits carbohydrates — such as those found in grains, starchy vegetables and fruit — and emphasizes foods high in protein and fat. It’s generally used for losing weight."

I've had a couple friends try the low carb diet and while I can't remember how it worked for them, after a little research it seemed to be the right thing for someone like me. From what I understand, carbs contribute to some weight gain so the less carbs you eat, the more your body has to find other sources to feed off such as your body fat. And that, is how you start shedding pounds. Well that plus exercise, in my opinion...

I never noticed just how many carbs I put in my body until I started paying attention to that number in the serving size. I'm also learning the difference between good carbs (fruits and some vegetables) and bad carbs (wheat, wheat, wheat). There's also simple carbs, which are easier to digest and complex carbs, which aren’t. My plan is just to eat all the lean protein I can find and add broccoli or asparagus to everything. 

To make this an adventure, I've decided to start at the extreme end of the spectrum for the week and do the Ketogenic Diet (less than 20g a day). How am I doing so far? Terribly. This is hard but I'm excited to see where this takes me after a month.

Eating with me is already a pain to most of my friends and it's probably going to get worse before it gets better. Nevertheless, this is my life as a chronic creator. I can't have my body going to sh*t because I prefer to spend my time working than working out in the gym.

Living a balanced life is important as a workaholic. Are you taking care of your body?

Work hard. Work out harder.
~ Kim Goulbourne

PS. I can't have sugar in my tea either?!?! Come on!!! 😩 

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