3 Lessons I Re-Learned

This week was exhausting. Not because I worked a lot but because I thought a lot. This is the first time a project has me feeling confused, depressed, anxious, excited and annoyed all at the same time and from what I’ve learned, those emotions alone are enough to leave you feeling drained every day. Needless to say, all this thinking, and no sleeping, has brought me closer to figuring out the plan for this venture and a plan for the future of my brand.

Here are a few things I re-learned this week:

1. Don’t shy away from talking about your ideas with anyone who will listen. Don’t shy away from expressing your doubts either. They may not have the answer but they will always say something that will in its own way, help you get closer to finding the solution.

(Thanks to everyone that answered the phone this week and listened to me talk non-stop. Thanks to everyone that didn’t walk away when I started pouring my feelings unexpectedly. Thanks to everyone that offered their opinion or advice. Every word was heard and it meant everything to me.)

2. Not everything will happen the way you want it or when you want it. Sometimes they happen in phases and if you stay open and strategic with each phase, you could get exactly what you want.

3. Know who you are. Own it. And create the life you want to live around it. Never compromise your values for the sake of a person, project or job. It will never be worth it.

Do it with passion, or not at all.
~ Kim Goulbourne, aka Bourn


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