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Women Who Design
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Welcome to the 4th edition of "Favorite Things". In these posts I'll share things I've discovered throughout the month that I think are worth checking out. This month I came across a variety of interesting resources, experiences and people.


Women Who Design

A running list of all the amazing women who design and their Twitter handles. Stalk your heart out.

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Indie Hackers

We typically only hear about the entrepreneurs running high growth startups and blowing investment money but what about indie makers? It’s refreshing to hear more stories I can relate to on Indie Hackers.

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Searching for Syria

I’ll admit, I never quite understood the Syrian war and refugee crisis but this interactive website cleared up a few of the questions I had.

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Not only is this a list of services and platforms that startups need but it’s also ranked so you can be more confident in your decision.

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The Ultimate Web Code Generator

While I haven’t actually used this since I don’t need it, it’s very fascinating. You can generate code snippets for a variety of needs. 

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