Favorite Things - February Edition

Book 2

Hi! Welcome to the first edition of "Favorite Things". In these posts I'll share things I've discovered throughout the month that I think are worth checking out. Hope you find some goodies!


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

Need I say more? This book is an awesome read for anyone that cares just a little too much about things that don’t matter; like what people think of you. It focuses on honing in on your values which in turn helps you give less f**ks about the things that are really not that important.

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The Myth of Passion and Motivation

It’s an old article but one I’ve read more than once. To achieve the most out of anything, you have to fall in love with the process it will take to get there.

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Advice to a Young Man by Gary Vaynerchuck

Another oldie but I’m a big fan of Gary Vee so pretty much any of his videos are great to watch. This was one of the most recent ones I discovered and I got some good tidbits from it. Biggest Takeaway? Document over create.

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My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark

If the title didn’t immediately gross you out then give this podcast a shot. While the first few minutes is just them having random conversations, it’s because of this and their hilarious commentary that makes listening to these gruesome stories easier to digest.

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Tools to Try

UpViral: The Ultimate Viral Referral System

While I didn’t have a strong marketing strategy to support it, I can definitely see its potential. It’s always a smart idea to use your customers and fans to spread the word about your product and this platform makes it easier to implement that strategy.

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