100 Felt Pockets & Freelancer Interviews

Popcorn Pocket
Sourced from Instagram via @bargraf

Welcome to the 3rd edition of "Favorite Things". In these posts I'll share things I've discovered throughout the month that I think are worth checking out. This month I came across a variety of interesting projects, experiences and resources.


100 Pockets by Becky Margraf

This DIYer decided to create 100 felt pockets, created over 100(ish) days as part of The 100 Day Project. She’s only 16 days in and they’re all incredible. My favorite is the popcorn so far. What’s yours?

Check out the project


The story of Airbnb with Joe Gebbia

This episode is super old but it's still a funny story; the story of Airbnb. If you’ve never heard the episode on NPR’s How I Built This, then queue up iTunes, it’s a good listen. 

Listen to the episode


Startup School by Y Combinator

If you’re familiar with the startup world then you’re familiar with accelerators. If you’re familiar with accelerators then you’re familiar with Y Combinator. They started a startup school and guess what, you don’t have to pay to go or go at all. Relax on your couch and browse through the lectures each week on their website.

Watch the lectures



Are you a freelancer or aspire to be one? Then I’m sure you’ll appreciate hearing stories about other freelancers who are or were neck deep in the industry. Freelance.tv interviews freelancers in a variety of industries and he also has plans for a documentary.

Watch the interviews


Weather with Spotify

I’m not sure how this one slipped through the cracks since I’m a big Spotify fan. Either way, if you’re looking for new music, explore these playlists that are based on the weather. That's not weird, right...

Check it out


Midi.city: A music creation platform

I’m not sure if I’ve ever come across a more intriguing, music creation platform. Technically, I haven’t come across many but this one was cool and all you need is your keyboard to try it out.

Check it out


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