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Confessions of 2016

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A week or two ago, I hung out with friends before we all went our separate ways for the holidays. As the year was drawing to a close, it seemed obvious that every one would be reminiscing on the good and bad times but this was the first time I was asked to say it out loud. And I realized, how infrequently I did that. That gathering inspired this confessional.

I’m always looking forward and never looking back which sounds great in theory but I was also never looking back and appreciating how far I’ve come and grown.

Looking back, 2016 was a pretty good year for me. I had new experiences I never thought I was worthy of, met new people I never thought I’d cross paths with, met a financial goal I never thought possible and gained a new confidence I never thought I’d find in myself. But I’m going to be honest with you, I operated at a loss this year. A significant loss. Though having a full time job and occasionally freelancing on the side made the loss sting a little less, it also blinded me from the truth; if I keep this up, I would never turn a profit doing the work that I love.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in this game for the money. I’m in it for the freedom.

Once I had that realization that many others saw way before I did, I made a promise to myself that in 2017, I would focus solely on projects that have some sort of revenue model built in. Big or small, it has to or it wont make the cut…at least for that year. I’m also taking a break from doing freelance client work on the side which pretty much funded all of my projects. They now have to fund themselves.

While I’m eager to start 2017, I’m nervous for 2016 to be over because then I face a whole new challenge. A challenge that will make or break me. A challenge that will set the tone for the rest of the my life.

In 2017, my challenge will be to focus on Growth and Revenue. What is your challenge for 2017?

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