Deciding Which Project To Work On Next


The way I create is pretty unconventional, at least in my world. I don’t create as a response to what the market wants or needs, I create based on how I feel and what I’m most passionate about. I did this naturally and didn’t realize how important it was for me to always do that.

When you’re working on something you’re truly passionate about, nothing else matters except that thing you’re working on and that feeling is a beautiful thing.

While I rely on my mostly on my will to create, I still consider 3 simple things before deciding what to move on to.

1. The Why. This is directly tied to how much I want to work on the project while also serving as a reality check for me. If I can’t formulate a real reason why I want to create this thing, I probably shouldn’t. Having a strong why is essential because once you know why you want to create something, nothing will stop you from making it happen.

I learned that lesson when I was 2yrs deep into Hshtags (my first startup). While I knew why I built the product, everything that came after was a result of not being truly introspective and knowing what drove my passion. I also learned that lesson last year when I tried to launch a new feature of an old product and it quietly failed.

2. Complexity. Depending on how complex a project is whether from a prep or build perspective, I may start a project earlier or delay it if my plate is too full with other commitments. The art event I produced last year was very complex and took months to complete. In the first 2–3 months of the project I was also teaching a web development class and that plus a full time job was exhausting, even for me. To stay sane, I try to make sure my schedule will allow for my full potential.

What I don’t do however is let complexity drive whether or not I even want pursue it. Only the will and the why can change my attitude towards a project.

3. Time Sensitivity. In some cases a prospective project may have an ideal launch date that could be helpful for the idea, target audience and/or marketing strategies. The project I’m about to tackle next is very time sensitive so it was immediately moved to the top of the pile but that was still only after I solidified my “why”.

“Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.” ~Hardy D. Jackson

The beginning of this year has been particularly tough because I’m excited about all the projects I have on deck but I had to decide. Indecision can be extremely paralyzing so when it comes down it, sometimes you have to just pick. At the end of the day, as long as you have the will and the why, you’ll still enjoy every second of it.

How do you decide what to focus on next (whether it’s a project or a feature)? Let me know in the comments!

CommentsHow do you decide what to focus on next?

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